No 13/2018

Original Articles

Irene Ingeborg van Driel, Jessica Gall Myrick, Rachelle Liane Pavelko, Maria Elizabeth Grabe, Paul Hendriks Vettehen, Mariska Kleemans, Gabi Schaap – The Role of Media Use in the Genderization of Disease: The Interplay of Sex, Culture, and Cultivation

Yixin Chen, Thomas Hugh Feeley – Risk Perception, Social Support, and Alcohol Use among U.S. Adolescents

Kara Chan, Zhanchun Feng – Do Medical Professionals Understand Barriers to and Motivations for Self-management of Diabetes by Working Patients?

Yasin Bulduklu, Orhan Gökçe – How Media Approach And Present Obesity: A Study into Turkish Media

Poyao Huang, Lijiang Shen – On a Scale of Health Uncertainty

Sethurathinam Pushpanathan – Visual Analysis of the Challenges of Care giving in Graphic Pathographies